Earth Energy Monitoring System (E2MS)


From the great dinosaurs to the gigantic mammoth, species once inhabited this Earth that have left nothing but hints to outlive their own extinction. Like many other species, too, dinosaurs and mammoths have disappeared from Earth's surface. Until today one of our greatest desires is to understand: What happened? Why did they die? What helped others like smaller mammals or amphibia survive?

And: Does their story tell us something about us and our own future? What can we learn? E2MS is a collaboration of scientists who believe that carefully monitoring the Earth today is crucial for understanding the Earth tomorrow. We want to collect, connect, analyze and comprehend all universally available data to detect and predict what changes life and the ecosystem we depend on now, tomorrow and in the coming years.

With an overall understanding that climate change has dramatic influence on Earth's life and that energy availability is the core driver of the changes, E2MS´ goal is to reduce the uncertainties about future developments by monitoring the Earth energy flow. Bringing back dinosaurs and mammoths is close to science fiction: Not following in their tracks is merely common sense. And a mandatory obligation for a future we can lightly hand over to coming generations.

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